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Naturally for you


Our favorites

Lavender and Activated charcoal bars

Enjoy a balanced skin and a gentle exfoliating deep cleanse. The Activated Charcoal soap will revitalize and moisture your skin. For a soothing aromatherapy experience, try the lavender soap!

Coral Reef Island

Mineral Sunscreens

Our all natural fragrance free and waterproof mineral sunscreens are

the safest choice for you and for the coral reef. 

Naturally Simple

As a mom and individual, I am constantly looking for a lifestyle that better suits me. Throughout this process, I've discovered how the more simple and thus the more natural, the better. The same applies to the personal care products we use daily. The more simple and natural, the better and healthier they will be to use.


"Our daily personal care products don't need to be from a well know brand or contain sophisticated chemical ingredients. Totally the contrary. Simple and made from natural ingredients that are commonly known, that's what I offer in my products.

Fabiola founder of Fabiously natural


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