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The story and inspiration


Meet fabiola

My name is Fabiola and my family and I live at a remote beach. I moved to the beach and changed my city lifestyle 7 years ago. Naturally, I became interested in living a more natural lifestyle as well. As a new mom, I wanted my baby to use natural skin products and this became really important to me.

Located at a remote area with little access to healthy natural products, my need for producing my own natural personal care products emerged.

My intention is to offer simple personal care products made with the finest organic natural ingredients.

My products are made with commonly known ingredients and have no chemicals. I truly believe that the more natural and simple it is, the healthier it will be to use. We don't need to use products from well known brands with sophisticated ingredients, 

totally the opposite.  

I want to be close to my audience and decided to make my brand very personal. The brand name “Fabiously” is my name with a twist. I created this brand with the intention of sharing my natural products and also  the stories and inspirations behind each of my creations.

I am constantly looking for different solutions to use on a personal level. You can trust that my products are 100% safe and have been tested before (especially by me). Every product is handcrafted and purchases are personalized. With each product you will receive complete disclosure of every ingredient as well as guides on how to best use and care for the product. Stay tuned, there is always more to come...

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